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Our Services

  • Cloud Phones

  • With our cloud phones offering, we provide enterprise services without the cost. Our phones can be moved around freely


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  • Cloud Mobiles

  • Our cloud mobiles let you use your mobile phone as if it was a VOIP phone, via the sim card and without requiring special apps.


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  • Cloud Desktops

  • Our cloud desktops take your normal office desktops and servers and move them to the cloud.


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  • Cloud Email

  • Our Hosted Email system is built on the Microsoft Exchange platform. We take care of all the hard work of providing your email.


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  • Cloud Servers

  • With our cloud servers we can run any application you require on our systems.


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  • Cloud Connectivity

  • Broadband (ADSL and VDSL) Use our broadband and FTTC (Fiber to the cabinet broadband to connect your business.


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  • Security

  • Security has always been a priority for us. With evermore growing threats, we help our customers stay safe.


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  • Consultancy / Project Delivery

  • We have many years of IT experience in numerous different areas of IT. If you are having problems we are happy to help 


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  • Web Design and Digital Marketing

  • Looking for a local, reliable web design and digital marketing agency to help grow your business?


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  • Support

  • If you are having IT problems, let us help you resolve them. We have many years of IT experience  


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About Us

IQ in IT is an award-winning IT company providing cloud based services on demand with a personal touch. Our key products are: Virtual Desktops and Servers which let you work from anywhere from any device securely, Cloud (VoIP) phones packed with a lot of features like email contact sync, conference rooms, call queuing, real time sales statistics and a lot more. 

We are passionate about technology and are always looking to provide new and better services to our clients. Our goal is to provide reliable, best practice services and support to ensure our customers are satisfied with their IT. IQ in IT is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs without compromising the quality of our work.

We understand that no two businesses are the same and so tailor our solutions to your business’s individual needs. IQ in IT was established in 2009 and is run by Luke Whitelock (Technical Director) and Katerina Damcova (Managing Director). Both directors have broad range of skills and expertise previously obtained by working in corporate and public sector organizations including schools and government. This allows the business to create unique offering of corporate style IT systems to small and medium sized businesses without the corporate price tag, ensuring highest security and data protection for our clients.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You

The Team at IQinIT

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About IQ in IT

IQ in IT is a cloud service provider based in Kingston Upon Thames. We offer a complete solution of cloud services including phones, virtual desktops and servers to our clients.

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